The surnames in this section are worthy of comment with respect to Furness for the following reasons:

C  Characteristic name, even if not frequent
F  Frequent name (in relation to national average)
G  Gentry name
I  Immigrant name of distinctive frequency
N  Notable person
X  Name included for negative reason
%  Pedigree or genealogical notes in Barrow-in-Furness Records Office
J  Pedigree in Furness collection (Z354)


Surname Characteristic Comment
Ainslie N Associated with iron industry in Barrow
Ambrose G Gentry at Lowick c1646 [BD]
Ashburner CJ Dalton, Gleaston, Barrow etc
Ashburner N Early shipbuilders of Ulverston and Barrow
Barrow F Once very frequent in Cartmel
Barrow   NJ Sir John Barrow, explorer, born Ulverston
Benson F
Boulton     J Parkhouse etc
Bradshaw J Barrow etc
Bradyll N%
Braithwaite C Cumbrian name
Brockbank   F Surname frequent in Cumberland
Buccleuch G Duke, associated with slate and iron industries etc
Butler J Dalton etc
Caley J Witherwick
Cartmel F
Case C Brewers
Case J Leece, Peasholmes etc
Cavendish G Duke of Devonshire family, extensive land owner
Chamberlain J Claughton etc
Charnley C Furness name of long standing
Christopherson Characteristic Cumberland name
Clarkson J Bolton-le-Sands
Clibran J Colt Park etc
Corless   J Meanfields
Coward   J Newbiggin etc
Croft   J Claughton etc
Crossfield C%
Devonshire G Duke, extensive land owner
Doddings G Gentry at Conishead (Roundhead) [BD]
Dowbiggin J Westminster
Eccles   J Meanfields
Fell G% Quaker family of Swarthmoor Hall 16.. (Roundhead) [BD, N.Q]
Fell John Barraclough Fell. Railway inventor
Fisher       NJ Several families. Barrow shipping company of long standing
Fleming           G% Lords of Aldingham Castle
Fleming   G Gentry of Coniston 16.. (Royalist) [BD]
Furness       Not common in Furness in recent centuries
Gaitskell              c   Cumberland name
Gorham          I Selside
Gradwell          CJ
Greenwood   J Northscale etc
Gunson         I Ulpha
Hannay         N Associated with iron industry in Barrow
Harrison       F
High     Not frequent but perhaps distinctive
Hodgson     C
Holme(s)          F
Huddleston   I Urswick, Barrow etc
Jackson    C
Johnson         F Most frequent name in Burlington Slate, 1896-1969 [BB]
Kellett       F% Old Furness family
Kendall   CJ Gleaston etc
Kilner            C
Kirkby         G% Gentry of Kirkby Ireleth 16.. (Royalist) [BD]
Kn(i/y)pe     G% Old Cumbrian families, including Rampside [BD]
Latus G Gentry of Lowick (Royalist) [BD]
Lesh               G% Old family in Barrow. (In 1881, only 15 Lesh persons in country)
Martin             I Witherwick
Milner              C Form of "miller" popular in Furness
Muncaster     C
Patterson         I Dalton etc
Pennington     G Gentry of Pennington (Royalist) [BD]
Phizacklea         F Frequent surname (in various spellings). Lancashire name (presumably from village near Liverpool)
Polkinghorn     F Surname frequent in Barrow
Postlethwaite   F Most frequent surname in a survey of a modern group in Barrow
Preston           G Gentry of Furness Abbey (Royalist) [BD]
Preston         G Gentry of Holker 1646 [BD]
Quayle             F
Ramsden N James, Gn Mngr of Furness Railway and first mayor of Barrow
Rawlinson       FG Gentry 16.. (Roundhead) [BD]
Richardson       G Gentry of Roanhead (Royalist) [BD]
Rigg                F
Robinson         FG Gentry of Newland 1646 [BD]
Robinson        I Alton etc
Romney       N% Portrait painter
Sandys         G Gentry of Bouth (Roundhead) [BD]
Satterthwaite   Characteristic Cumbrian name
Sawrey           G Gentry of Broughton and Plumpton (Roundhead) [BD]
Schneider   N Associated with iron industry in Barrow
Shaw               F
Simpson       I Roosebeck
Smith           X Not frequent in Furness
Spedding         C West Cumberland name
Spry             C Not frequent but distinctive
Storey         F Fairly frequent
Taylor              C
Thornborrow   C
Thornton          I Melling etc
Townson       C
Tyson           C% Very distinctive
Varty            C Characteristic in Cumberland
Wadham   N Agent(?) of Duke of Devonshire
Walker            C
Wilkinson     N%  John (1728-1808), greatest ironmaster of his generation, associated with Backbarrow, Lindal and elsewhere in England
Wilson             C
Woodend      F Most frequent surname in Burlington Slate, 1876-1913 [BB]








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