The research aids which are available to members of the Society are summarized here. The person responsible for or holding each section or item is indicated and the following form abbreviations are used:-   cd  compact disk   mfc microfiche    int  internet.  (See also Society sales list.)

Census returns

All census returns  (except 1881 cd) are in the microfiche library.

1851:- Lancaster goal, Ulverston and district, Oakham (Rutland)

1861:- Ulverston Union

1871:- Lancaster, Ulverston

1881:- Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cumberland, IoMan, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Royal Navy, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Westmorland, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, miscellaneous. 1881 UK on cd

1891:- Barrow & district, Ulverston, Chorley & district, Lancaster street index

Directories: Pigot's 1830 Lancashire Directory JAC mfc

Interests of members: The Society has a list of the surnames being researched by its members. Copies of this list are available at a moderate price.

BIG-R (mfc):- Cumberland, Devon, Durham, Westmorland

BIG-R 2 (mfc):- Durham, Yorkshire

Societies:- Anglo-French (mfc), Cheshire, Cleveland, Cumbria (mfc), Gloucestershire, Kent, Liverpool & SW Lancs, Northumberland & Durham, Wiltshire

Library: Derek Judge (Library list available separately)

Method guides. Certain reference documents. Microfiches library considered separately

Migration "strays" Edwin Richards

  "Strays" are persons found in a part (normally a county) of the country not that of their birth. There is a routine wherein such references found are communicated to the societies respectively responsible for the area of birth.

Federation collections 1-5 (mfc) Cumbria FHS series (6 volumes)

Newsletter: Members are encouraged to submit their queries for publication in the Society's newsletter.

Parish registers: Marriage index to Gloucestershire parishes 1800-37 (JAC mfc)

Burial registers (Muriel Bland cpt) :- Aldingham, Bardsea, Dalton St. Mary, Dendron, Pennington, Rampside, Urswick, Walney

Ribchester parish registers 1736-1837 (JAC mfc)

Research guides: Sales Department

"Genealogy Research in Furness" (copies to order, charge; also on mfc)

"Cumbrian Ancestors" (Cumbria Archives Service, £5.50 inc pp)


Societies of members: Edwin Richards, A list is maintained of the other family history societies to which FnFHS members belong. This forms a convenient reference to the facilities and resources of these other societies.

Viewers and microfiches: John Callow, The Society's microfiches are available for loan to local members, along with the necessary viewers (for which there is a charge of £2 per month).

Workshops:  The Society holds workshop meetings as advertised in the newsletter. At these sessions, all of the Society's research aids are accessible and advisers are available for the consideration of problems and queries.

Indexes: This sub-section includes references to some miscellaneous indexes not mentioned elsewhere in the section. Most of the indexes listed here are maintained on computer; although the shorter indexes appear from time to time in printed form, as the files are constantly enhanced full retrieval searches need to be performed on computer. Some local history books contain personal reference indexes; indexes discussed in detail elsewhere in the "Genealogy in Furness" manual are census returns, electoral registers, monumental inscriptions, marriage licences and bonds, parish registers, quarter sessions, registration (civil), cemetery burials and wills

By the nature of the growth of Barrow, most references in the Barrow index date from after 1800. The Barrow miscellaneous references index (GDH:GXB) includes references to persons mentioned in "Early History of ... Barrow", "St. Paul's Church History" etc. There is an index (GDH:GXW) to miscellaneous references to Walney inhabitants.

For Cumbria, Kendal Record Office has a copy of the "Genealogical Index of Cumbria", by Roland Grigg. This includes the parishes of Gt. Orton, Skelton, Cliburn, Milburn, Newton Reigny, Lamplugh, Crosby Ravensworth and Rydal.

The  Dalton index (GDH:GXD) contains the personal names in various Dalton history books, particularly Tyson's collection of historical data published in 1887.

The Furness index (GDH:GXF GDH:BDX) contains miscellaneous references to persons mentioned in several books on Furness in general. An index of especial importance is that to the Barrow Record Office miscellaneous deposits catalog (BDX).

The genealogy index (GDH:GXG)contains references to existing genealogical notes and pedigrees, mainly in the Barrow R O.

The HAWK index (GDH:GXH) contains the subject surnames in the jobs formerly undertaken by David Hawkins as a research agent.

The iron index (GDH:GXI) contains miscellaneous references to persons in the iron industries. However, this index has not yet been developed far.

The Kirkby-in-Furness (GDH:GXK) index includes names mentioned in "Burlington Blue-Grey". The "Ellen Rose Fieldhouse Collection" catalog book contains its own personal index.

An index (GDH:GXQ) to Furnss Quakers has been started, as Furness is so significant in the history of the Quaker movement.

Development of an index of railway workers (GDH:GXR) is in hand.

An index (GDH:GXS) to seamen and other persons connected with the sea and inland waters is being developed. (This may be developed later to include references to ship names.)

Barrow RO has a copy of the Ulverston references index by Goode, derived mainly from directory entries.

There is an index to the burials in Barrow Cemetery.

There is an index to all the war memorials (JAC) in Furness.

The following copies of the International Genealogical Index are known:-  Barrow Reference Library (British Isles 1992). Barrow Record Office, Furness Family History Society (British Isles 1988), Kendal Record Office (Cu,Lancs,Wm,Yks 1988), Kendal Reference Library, Lancaster Family History Centre (World 1992 ), Lancaster University, Preston Reference Library

Among the miscellaneous collections are Evans local history articles (GDH cpt), "Criminal Register indexes for Cumberland, Westmorland, Northumberland and Durham" JAC mfc, Family History News and Digest surname references index JAC mfc, Register of One-name Studies JAC mfc and various items for Buckinghamshire, Dudley, Durham etc.








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